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Clients in Volusia County benefit from the thorough and diligent work of attorney Matt Romanik. Work with one of our area’s leading workers’ compensation attorneys.

Bringing High-Quality Workers’ Compensation Representation To Volusia County

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Matt Romanik Litigates Workers’ Compensation Issues Across The Daytona Beach Region

Since 1995, attorney Matt Romanik has dedicated his career to legal excellence. Over the course of the past decades, he has stood up for the rights of Florida’s injured workers and defended deserving employers resulting in a well-won reputation for detailed, personalized and professional legal care. Mr. Romanik is the longest standing board-certified workers’ compensation lawyer in private practice in Volusia and Flagler counties. He knows the law and will help clients make well-informed decisions.

What It Means To Work With A Quality Lawyer

Mr. Romanik is a longstanding ally to Florida workers and employers who understands the details of workers’ compensation laws. He offers you real legal care through:

  • Clear communication:  Mr. Romanik explains your legal options in-depth and in terms you can understand. He responds to your needs and questions promptly. If you need information or advice, he will be there.
  • Strong advocacy: Once you and Mr. Romanik decide on a course of action, he helps you pursue your goals. Not only does he help you respond adeptly and nimbly to the courts, but he also helps you take proactive steps toward the future.
  • A winning track record: Mr. Romanik does more than help you file paperwork; he helps you maximize the outcomes of your case. His past cases inform his work today, and his commitment to quality shows in every step.

For many people, knowledge of workers’ compensation issues are an unknown. You may not know what to expect from the process, which is common. You do not need to have all the answers. You just need to know who to ask.

Bringing Your Case With Confidence

Workplace injuries can keep workers from supporting themselves or burden employers with expense and distraction. Make sure you have the support you need. Work with attorney Matt Romanik.